Previously Sold Jets

Here are some of the beautiful Private Jets that we have sold to very happy customers of ours. Some of these Jets may become available again as our inventory always changes up per availability.

1986 Hawker 800A 258055
2007 King Air C90GT LJ-1828
1980 King Air F90 LA-78
2005 Bombardier Learjet 60 295
1980 Hawker 700A 257088
1981 King Air B100 BE-106
1982 Hawker 700A 257193
1985 Hawker 800A 258018
1987 Hawker 800A 258082
1987 Hawker 800A 258102
1992 Beechjet 400A RK-61
1995 Hawker 800A 258272
1997 Beechjet 400A RK-148
1997 Beechjet 400A RK-159
1997 Citation (CJ1) 525-0187
1997 Hawker 800XP 258297

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1998 Beechjet 400A RK-161
1998 Beechjet 400A RK-172
1998 Beechjet 400A RK-186
1999 Beechjet 400A RK-233
1999 Beechjet 400A RK-240
2000 Beechjet 400A RK-297
2001 Hawker 800XP 258500
2002 Beechjet 400A RK-330
2002 Beechjet 400A RK-336
2004 Hawker 800XP 258667
2006 Hawker 400XP RK-444
2007 Hawker 400XP RK-514

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